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Jump to Express: Juan Great Leap Experience

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Typical movies have I seen with such setting that I had been given the chance to witness last Saturday.

Juan Great Leap’s open coffee became a success for the month of July. New and experienced entrepreneurs were able to interact and share their insights on successful entrepreneurship.

Pitching in within the whole duration of the event was the key to promote (bear in mind, promote and not sell something in front) and get your idea recognize as well as your problems get solved.

Unique topics pushed the discussions into greater heights as more ideas have been popping out the room. In general, participants of the pitching in session are as much as possible promoting the Filipino culture. From digital arts to travel, the essence of a Filipino vibe is always present.

From numerous participants of the event, I got the chance to ask a few questions from persons who pitched in their ideas during the session.

One is the detailed map application for all kinds of phones. It comprises of a map and important transit details that can be gathered through crowdsourcing or collecting shared information and consolidating it into a useful data.

Consolidated data comprise of traffic updates, ways to go to a place either through a car or public transportation. These things are not really emphasized on existing travel apps.

This application’s been planned to be coordinated with the MMDA, DPWH, LTFRB and public transportation organizations to promote the app and synchronize the info with such helpful agencies too.

The app helps the general commuting public in finding the best way in terms of time and money to go to their destination.

People who are willing to share information to this app even without an access of the internet can go to municipal or city offices of coordinated government agencies and submit a printout of a shared commuting guide which promotes manual corwdsourcing.

The app can also be accessible through sms updates so that even without a smartphone, other phone users can still find the program useful and accessible to their needs at any given time.

Since the map challenge will be during the time of July until October, the development time for them to make this successful is within the months of August up until October and the program launch will be during November.

More of these were introduced throughout the program. As what Peter wanted, who had initially gave out this kind of idea, he would like to go forth into teaching financial literacy and deeming the people towards the bright concept of entrepreneurship and self-emplyment to bring out one’s capacity to be independent.

A blogpost started the fire that can actually lit up many entrepreneurial hearts in the country. We just do hope that the fire can also be spread out to the initially independent youth. In return they can be molded very early and appreciate their independence today.


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