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Social Journalism: The use of the New Media

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Humans have the social instinct to interact.

Humans are social in nature and through time we have to develop brighter ways to supply that kind of behavior.

The love for accessing information had been a fad a long time ago. Things have to be shared ’cause its a thing of the social world: to know and to be known.

We learn things not only through a thinking process of our own but by also filtering out necessary information we collect anywhere and anytime.

From telegraphs and Grahambell’s first “Ahoy!” on his telephone, media has evolved widely. Now that we are going through an era where computer exists, E-mails and SMS are not the only possible ways to know things. The presence of a wide number of social media sprouted elsewhere in the spinning virtual web.

Journalists were able to use such medium to communicate with their sources. They can contact their sources not just through E-mail but also through Facebook accounts where people are always online. They can basically gather information that might not be visible in the actual world, when information can only be accessed through a web of deeper secrets in the social media.  Journalists can give out necessary, interesting information the public needs to know right away. Through the social media, people can interact with journalists to serve as civilian streamers of relevant news that journalists might have overlooked.

On the contrary, failure to use the social media properly had been a problem to journalists. It had become a lot harder to verify what is real and what is not. What virtually exists may not actually exist in the real world. What may be in the real world can be masked through the use of the powerful medium.

Incidents of celebrity deaths spread through twitter everyday and always had a lot of people freak out for a matter of seconds until a verification through the same medium will be done to stop or to confirm the matter. The thing’s much worse than a bomb threat in a public area. People are induced to panic and create actions with no skeptical analysis of the matter.

National security might be at risk if one throws a lethal stone that will cause chaos in the virtual world.

A simple information can spread worldwide in a few seconds. They can create fire in the next minute. A chain reaction would follow in the next hour. Information overload will definitely exist and it shall develop a set of humans who are either to dumb to identify the whole matter or a bright creature able to distinguish the hidden reality out of a partial reality. The social media can produce certain behaviors of humans that has no longer become useful in evolution or could actually be the reason for the death of such distinct human actions.

Journalism in itself started in paper and mouths and now developed by the fingers and the machines. Of typing an important information, the future of the profession can further increase. I may be positive about this take but I guess a great sense of filtering and verification can be taken out from the vast and fast pace of details made in existence. Faster thinking capacities might develop and just like the machines we make to promote better information processing, humans can as well adapt the nature of the computer, joined together with the ethical virtue of the mind, heart and soul.


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